My Portfolio

This online portfolio (or eportfolio) highlights selected aspects of my professional work as an academic librarian. As a tenure-track faculty, I am evaluated in the areas of research, librarianship/teaching, and service. Illinois State University places a high value on teaching excellence and quality student learning experiences. This is a theme that will be intertwined throughout this portfolio.

My current position is Associate Professor of Library Science and Head of Information Use and Fluency at Milner Library at Illinois State University. My research encompasses pedagogical methods for incorporating information fluency into curricula (specifically through the development of digital learning objects), exploring the difference between information fluency and information literacy, and utilizing various types of assessment methods for a comprehensive picture of student knowledge and learning. I am also interested in the application of graphic design, instructional design, and web design principles for course development.

As department head, I facilitate and guide the teaching and learning initiates at Milner Library. This includes a variety of activities. Among them is collaboration and instruction with the ISU Critical Inquiry Courses (first year students), working with subject liaisons to develop scaffolded learning outcomes, and creating a comprehensive Information Fluency Plan. I am an advocate of active learning techniques and utilizing portable digital learning objects to enhance the student learning experience and environment. My position also lends itself to being able to actively participate at the campus level through various standing committee and special task forces. Additionally, I participate in the administration of Milner Library by serving on several administrative committees.