Library Technology Committee, Public Services Representative, 2012-present
Information Literacy Summit, ISU Coordinator, 2012-2013
Library Operations Council, Standing Member, 2009-present
Public Services Coordinating Committee, Standing Member, 2011-2013
Library Faculty Council, Elected Member, 2011-2014


Committee on Critical Inquiry, Standing Member, 07/2009-present
Council on General Education, Elected Member, 09/2012-05/2016
University Teaching Committee, Appointed Milner Representative, 09/2011-05/2014
Instructional Technology Domain Team of the Enterprise Architecture Initiative, 2013-present
Dean of Student – Human Library Project, 2013-present
Search Committee – Director of the CTLT, Appointed Milner Representative, 10/2012-05/2013
Foundations of Excellence, Learning Dimension Committee, Appointed Member, 09/2012-05/2013
General Education Review Task Force, Appointed Milner Representative, 09/2010-05/2012

National Organizations

American Library Association (ALA) – member since: 1997
Association of College and Research Libraries (ALA/ACRL) – member: 2003-present
Member, Instructional Section (IS) 2003-present
Member at Large, Executive Committee, 2011-2013
Liaison to Communication Committee, Instructional Technologies Committee, and Web Revision Task Force, 2011-2013
IS Co-Web Administrator, 2007-2011
Ex-officio non-voting Member, IS Advisory Committee, 2007-2011
Communication Committee, 2007-2011